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Ghana National Television Documentary on GCCF and DRN Ghana Tree planting exercise event.

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Global Climate Change Foundation partners    DRNGhana  , Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, Green Ghana Secretariat, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Corporate Ghana and All Municipal Stakeholders and Community Partners; To Green Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly. In fulfillment to His Excellency the President’s Green Ghana Agenda.
On 27th September 2021, Monday 8am-Noon, contributed  1,100 Canopy Trees Seedlings to 11 Schools in Weija-Gbawe Municipality and identified communities landmark areas.
Together, we found better ways to connect with nature and drive a Green Economy Agenda. Plant A tree and care for it as we nurture young climate leaders in school’s and keep community Trees thriving, whiles we accelerate climate change adaptation actions and accelerate community resilience.

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