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Tree plantation project Actualize by GCCF ghana sector.

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GCCF -Global Climate change Foundation tree plantation project makes change on some particular vulnerable place across the globe . Which will act great impact on climate change .  where environmental characteristics reformed with new scenarios   . GCCF Coordinator Linus Victory Kay Fiyanyo   organize successful tree plantation project under GCCF  coordination . where 300 number of trees planted from ghana  sector . which event organize by country coordinator  Linus victory kay Fianyo .

With a growing number of tree planting initiatives at regional to global scales, Karen Holl and Pedro Brancalion highlight in their latest data manipulation  how planting trees is much more complicated than it seems. Here they share their findings, including guidelines to increase success of these ambitious efforts across the globe . our slogan is  ” Human can be reason of oxygen producer  machine , tree plantation project will act as a machine of oxygen producer “

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