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More than 20 thousands tree plantation project successfully done by GCCF.

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GCCF Successfully  collaborate with Three organizations like

1-African Festival Foundation ,GHANA.

2-Champions of Humanity , Nigeria .

3- DRN-Disaster Resilience Network , GHANA.

GCCF coordinate Five Successful international projects with multiple stakeholders from around the world.

First international successful event was from Uganda . where 5000 trees planted under GCCF coordination .  Uganda sector Head ‘joshep basimba’ was organized that project.

our second international successful event was from sierra Leone west Africa . where 4590 trees planted under GCCF coordination. sierra Leone Sector Head ‘joe Musa’ Contribution was remarkable on that project .

Our third international project successfully done from  GCCF Philippine sector . 4850 number of trees planted  under GCCF Coordination. where sector Head ‘Arnel perez sumabong’ contribution was noticeable.

Our Fourth international successful project from GCCF Togo Sector . 5000 number of trees planted under GCCF Coordination . Where GCCF Togo sector Head Eklo Nogbe Kossi  great leadership help us to accumulate everything well standard .

Our Fifth  international successful project from GCCF Ghana Sector . 500 number of trees planted under GCCF coordination. Where GCCF Ghana sector Head ‘ Linus Victory kay Fiyano’ outstanding leadership makes the process easy to actualize that event .

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