Founder and president  Profile:

Md. Nasir Uddin  (born February  09, 1995, Gazaria ,Dagon Bhuiyan, Feni, Bangladesh. Bangladeshi born Astrophysicist and Psychologist. Who Was Developed and established  Astronomical Research Institute, Bangladesh at the time of 2017. Which Institute Known as BSAT- Blooming Science And Technology.  BSAT having Involvement more then Hundred Countries people engagement and Having more then three million  visitors.   Who also established Human Rights Organisations like WHPF – World Human Peace Forum.  He spend  more then 2500 Hours for Meditation in his 26 years  Lifetime which developed Psychological phenomenon and Described about three fundamental Types of Human  Brain. Who were Delegate and Selected Speaker for 13 times of International Model United Nations Conference. Venue was Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand,  Nepal Etc. Who Raise voice for tortured people from every corner of the world with Amnesty International from april 2016 as a management team member and sign petition coordinator.

Md. Nasir Uddin  parents were Torch bearer of Islam. His father, Nur Nabi , is  originally Quran Hafeez  and also act as an Imam of Mosque. Who were passed His 19years in UAE-United Arab Emirates as an imam . Early Stage of his Education who serve and Teach Al Quran without any Economic Interest for that who were known as a Philanthropist of muslim Ummah. His mother,  Momena Begum also  ran the family household and Managed A Charitable medical treatment from 1992-2006

Education : Md. Nasir Uddin was  Completed His Secondary Degree from “Silonia High School”  2011.  He Completed Higher Secondary Degree from “Feni Government College” 2013.  Finally Achieved Bachelor Degree from Theoretical Physics  University Of Chittagong, 2019. 
Research Skill:
Md. Nasir Uddin take Course on  “Super Earth and Life”  from Harvard University November,  2020 . Who were  participant of NASA Parker Solar Probe Mission, August,  2018.  He Certified as a Junior Oceanographer From NASA Jet propulsion Laboratory July,  2017. Who are  also certified as a  COVID-19 Operational planning Guidelines Expert From WHO -World Health Organisations, February  2020.  

Contact:Chawkbazar, Chattogram.Cell:01812792219 /01862862976 E-Mail: