Month: July 2022

Protect the Forest of Spain & Europe project of GCCF Spain

Protected forests amount to 11.7% of the total forest area in Europe. Of these, 85% are designated to con- serve forest biodiversity, while 15% are designated to protect landscapes. Altogether, Europe’s protected forest areas cover about 127 million hectares.  Europe was once covered by forest, from the Arctic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The original forest […]

Planting trees School Canopy Afforestation DRN Ghana & GCCF Project

Planting trees School Canopy Afforestation DRN Ghana & GCCF Project 11  School tree plantation project succesfully done by GCCF Partner organizations DRN – Disaster Ressilience Network . Hope Together We can be a drive of Global innovative solutions fight against climate change . Recover together and Recover stronger . Act today or never .

Earth atmosphere Measurements from Copernicus Sentinel-5p TROPOMI – NASA

Its all about observations of earth atmosphere from space . While Tropomi doesn’t directly measure carbon dioxide, the instrument takes daily snapshots of carbon monoxide levels in the atmospheric column beneath it. These data have been used to calculate a detailed manipulate  of the carbon monoxide emissions from the bushfires, which were then used as […]