Month: July 2021

Himachal Pradesh , India Faced unbelievable erosion due to excessive rainfall .

Earthquakes, landslides, cloudbursts, flash floods, forest fires, droughts, etc. have caused incredible  loss to the state. Besides loss of life, these disasters also strain the state exchequer. we know Landslide is the most common disaster in Himachal Pradesh which causes immense loss of life and property.   A road in Himachal Pradesh, India, was swept […]

GCCF Climate Conference 2021 , Netherlands .

Another Great Successful Event from GCCF  Netharlands  Sector. Our Leader  Perpetua Amoge Organise Climate Conference. Summit Discussion topic was about Recent climate phenomenon and GCCF What going to do for making change of Global Climate. GCCF already Capture 31 Countries.  Having 139 Country Coordinator .  We are making Progress Every single day for Contributing something […]

Central China incredible floods 12 dead in Zhengzhou train and thousands evacuated in Henan.

Twelve people have died after record-breaking rainfall flooded underground railway tunnels in China, leaving passengers trapped in rising waters. social media video  shows evening commuters just managing to keep their heads above water. Water is seen rushing onto platforms. More than 500 people were eventually rescued from the tunnels in Henan province, officials said. Days […]

China hit by flooding as one year’s worth of rain falls in a day.

3-day rain equals average yearly precipitation! From 8 pm Sat to 8 pm Tue, precipitation in Zhengzhou, C. China’s #Henan, had reached 617.1mm with hourly and daily precipitation breaking 60-year records, while the average yearly precipitation is 640.8mm. China is being hit by massive floods. Here’s Zhengzhou City reportedly recording the highest single-day rainfall in […]

GCCF Netherland Sector arrange successful campaign about climate change effect .

GCCF Netherland sector Lead by ”Okonkwu perpetua” New study reveals global air transport contributes 3.5 percent to global warming. Global air transport accounts for 3.5 percent of anthropogenic climate warming. It is also apparent that only one third of aviation’s climate change impact is due to carbon dioxide emissions and two thirds to non-carbon-dioxide effects […]

German incredible flood increase number of death gradually .

The intensity and level of the floods in Germany this week have shocked   climate scientists, who did not expect records to be broken this much , over such a wide area or this soon. After the deadly heat wave in the USA and Canada, where temperatures rose above 49.6C two weeks ago, the deluge in central Europe has raised […]

The number of people was killed in the incredible flooding across western Europe rose to over 150 on Saturday morning.

At least 133 people died in Germany when the floods swept on the western states of North-Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatine and Saarland. In Belgium, 24 were confirmed dead as of Saturday morning, with authorities warning the number could go up. Luxembourg and the Netherlands have also been influenced by the extreme rainfall, but have not reported […]